Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A morning giving gifts to children in food line.

Spent the morning giving to the poor, Jill volunteers every Wednesday at her church food bank so this morning I went and gave small gifts to all the children and pinned angels on the people standing in line. I then went into the G.R.U.B. and helped with bagging stuff for giving away. Met a lot of nice people and will try to do that again. The vendor that Mike Brazzeal works for gave stuff for the people too. Mike was so nice to box up some really needed products for the men and women who needed women's hygiene products, razors, wipes, etc. It was a great contribution. I got to practice some of my memory skills this morning remembering the names of all who worked at GRUB. I realize that I have to practice more.

Yesterday my grand daughter came to my house and played Phase 10 with me, I won both games. Molly also discussed her first semester at college and it was a very enjoyable time for me.

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