Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful Dapple Doxie

Wally, the cutest little dapple doxie, is at mema's sleepover and I am so afraid of someone hurting him, he stays in my arms or in my little sling bag all the time. Buddy plays a little hard even though they are about the same age. I have at least one family coming to see Buddy today.

Did not have a good night, Wally did not like the crate so he ended up in my bed along with everyone else. I just don't have enough patience to let him cry. Quincy was also in bed with me, he has been sleeping in the other bed but not last night.

I re read "A Cup of Christmas Tea" yesterday afternoon and then listened to it being read on

Both Monroe and Quincy are needing a little extra love this morning so i have to hush.

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